Cubitac was founded on the simple notion that the kitchen is the central family room of any home. Food brings people closer together, and we have built our company on the respect of this great enclave.
Owned and operated by a modern panel of designers and woodwork experts with a combined 28 years of kitchen experience, Cubitac offers high-quality imported cabinetry to kitchen dealers, kitchen and bath showrooms, lumber yards and wholesalers. We chose to bring in products from overseas because, dollar for dollar, it allows us to offer better quality and better lead-time for our customers in the United States. American cabinet companies are forced to cut corners to keep profit margins where they want it, and we simply don’t believe in compromise. What we do believe in is creating jobs locally, so we employ an entire team of cabinet builders in our large production facility in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey.

Part of the Cubitac code of standards is the promise to source only upper-tier products. Our Exquisite lineup includes manufacturing procedures and hand-finished details that other companies only include in their pricier custom collections. This dedication to excellence has been our calling card since inception, quickly turning our company in the fastest-growing kitchen cabinet importer in the US marketplace.

Every piece of wood we use is selected and inspected by hand. We source high-grade, grain-rich Birchwood from select parts of the tree, and follow a 9-step beautification process that yields a superior look and feel. With construction handled by our local professionals, Cubitac’s end products are of the highest finish, functionality and durability grade.

For an in-depth review of the Cubitac cabinet-making process, please visit the Our Process page.

Beyond our ability to control the sourcing of our woods and the production of our products, we also leverage our buying power to pass savings down to our customers. And that is just one of the many lengths we go to in the pursuit of lower prices without diminished quality. By investing in better machinery, enacting more streamlined processes, and selling our wares by the container, we bring a line of products to the American market that is unmatched in its price-to-quality ratio.

Cubitac invites custom job orders. Although we generally carry enough stock to fulfill large orders on demand, we also offer custom wood options and other particulars for multi-unit jobs. Whatever the job calls for, Cubitac can cook up the goods..